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Invincible Conference

Join us for an incredible day of inspiration and thought-provoking talks at the 2024 TEDxCamden 'Invincible' Conference! This in-person event will be held at Camden High on Saturday, March 9th, 2024. Get ready to dive into a world of ideas worth spreading, as our lineup of engaging speakers share their unique perspectives on a wide range of topics. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a live TEDx community. For more information, check out:


Camden Clean Up Event 2023

On August 5th, the TEDxCamden team joined the City of Camden's Mayor's Office for their annual Camden clean-up initiative. They joined local volunteers at Davis Elementary School, equipped with gloves and trash bags, to clean streets, parks, and public spaces.

Unanswered 2023

In January 2023, a captivating TEDx conference featured a lineup of 10 remarkable speakers who delivered inspiring talks on a diverse range of topics, captivating the audience with their innovative ideas and insights. The event served as a platform for these thought leaders to share their visions and foster intellectual discussions that left a lasting impact on attendees.

Pitch Night 

TEDxRutgersCamden Pitch Night (previously called Speech Craft) is an internal public speaking competition between RUC students that passed Round 1 of speaker selections and have reached Round 2 (final round). During this event, all potential TEDx speakers will give talks on their proposed ideas and top speakers will be chosen to give TEDx Talks during our Conference in January 2023.

Brand New Ending 2022

In our inaugural 2022 conference, TEDxRutgersCamden took its theme inspiration from the quote “We can’t go back and make a brand new beginning, but we can start now and make a brand new ending.” Join us as we discover what it means to shift our trajectories as our speakers talk about the path we are currently taking and how to shift that path to create a Brand New Ending.

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