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Our Invincible Speakers

Our 2024 Line Up


HeyJune Jeon

Intuitive Coach & CEO

HeyJune Jeon is a highly sought-after intuitive coach, business consultant, and story-teller with over 1MM followers across all social media platforms. Born in Seoul and raised in Berlin, she spent ten years in NYC cutting her teeth in Wall Street & venture-backed tech startups before founding Pheydrus.


She helps high-performing individuals shake out of linear ways of thinking so that they can direct their energy, focus, and time into their truly aligned path. Her approach combines years of training with some of the leading writers, mystics, coaches, and business leaders. She has been featured in Forbes, Fox Business, Allure, NYPost, and more.

Paul Epstein

Executive Producer, Writer & Director

Paul Epstein is an Emmy-nominated Executive Producer, Writer, and Director with over 20 years' experience in TV and film content creation.  


Based in New York, Paul has produced programs for networks and streamers including Peacock, MSNBC, History, NatGeo, and Discovery. Most recently, Paul was an Executive Producer of the true-crime documentary series Who Killed Robert Wone? on Peacock and is currently the Executive Producer and Showrunner of the factual drama series Into the Wild Frontier. 


Paul's feature film directorial debut, The Last Harbor, won the Grand Prize at the Liege International Film Festival in 2011. He was nominated for an Emmy Award as a Director of the educational series We Are New York and was either Director or Producer on the Emmy-nominated series Gunslingers, The Men Who Built America, and A Crime to Remember. 


Paul is a member of the Director's Guild of America and is represented by the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA). He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from The New School University in NYC.

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Jason Browne

Storyteller & Speaker

Passionate about storytelling, Jason Browne expertly merges radio, marketing, and public speaking to engage global audiences. Collaborating with giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Rotary International, and drawing from his MBA, Jason has spoken on over 100 stages, addressing leadership, privilege, and diversity. Committed to crafting a better world for his nieces and nephews, he champions positive change. Offstage, he enjoys basketball, music, kayaking, and winning over his young niece. From deep dives into DEI to discussions on space travel, Jason's approach intertwines seriousness with fun. His guiding principle: "Use what you love to fight what you hate.”

Rue Yi

Producer & Costume Director

Rue Yi (they/them) is a second-generation Chinese immigrant. They left their tech job three years ago to work in fashion, where they are currently a producer and costume director. Rue also writes short stories. Some of them are in books and some of them are online. Rue’s favorite fruit right now is a lychee whose skin bites back when their thumb breaks skin. In their spare time, Rue climbs trees and sings to them in the cradle between branch and trunk. Rue wouldn’t be caught dead sending a store-bought card. Rue’s greatest wish is to have a lifetime of good conversations. You can probably find Rue catching a snooze with Dasha, their best friend, an elderly standard poodle.

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